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23 Jun 2015

Fastway takes to the skies with first NZ drone delivery

Fastway Couriers continued its commitment to technology and innovation by conducting the first ever drone delivery in New Zealand, thanks to a great new partnership with Flirtey.

The drone flight from the Fastway office in Penrose to the TR Group headquarters in Mount Wellington ran for less than five minutes; approximately a quarter of the time needed to drive through the traffic-congested roads below.

Listen to Fastway CEO Scott Jenyns speak on Radio New Zealand about this exciting collaboration, and check out Matthew Theunissen’s story for The New Zealand Herald. To see the flight for yourself, head over to Fastway’s YouTube channel.

06 Jun 2015

SureSave debunking myths of travel insurance

After finding that over 60 percent of Australian travellers don’t know exactly what they are covered for on holiday, SureSave lent its advice to its network of agents with the aim of busting common travel insurance myths for good.

The three most common myths they have identified relate to the right time to buy insurance, the level of risk in a short trip and the inclusion of insurance when purchasing a credit card package. Head over to Travel Weekly to see what SureSave General Manager Michael Callaghan has to say.