Media Liaison

The strong relationships that we form with journalists are at the core of our service offering. We pride ourselves on maintaining connections with all sections of the media and have established a reputation for providing journalists with the quality stories they need. The team at S2i Communications actively seek out stories and produce creative, newsworthy articles. We make it our business to speak directly with the journalists who produce the news that your customers read.

Crisis Management

The need for quick decisions, of course, is strongest in times of crisis. People are afraid and uncertain, and need to feel that someone is in charge.” Rudolph Guiliani. Our team have the skills to assist you in formulating an effective Crisis Plan. In the event that your business faces a crisis, we can assist you in taking back control quickly. In these cases, it is critical to reassure your customers, staff and/or shareholders. We can help you to provide those who support your organisation with consistent, accurate and timely updates.

Content Development

We specialise in producing innovative content to kick start conversations about your business. Our goal is to create content that attracts attention and helps you to achieve your business goals. Our team is highly skilled at researching, planning and designing, editing and writing for any medium.

Community Management

Our team works to build, grow and manage communities around your brand. We develop and nurture relationships that help customers understand your business. This assists in driving sales, retaining customers and improving the awareness of your brand.


Our creative team produces inspirational copy that makes your business stand out. We create engaging stories across any medium, from media releases and marketing material to tweets and blogs.


We are passionate about communications, especially public speaking. If you have a message that needs to be delivered to create maximum impact, our experienced speech writers are here to help.

Event Management

S2i Communications can manage your event on any level. We can take full ownership of the event or we can simply work with you to provide assistance, it’s your choice. Either way, we make sure that your guests are wowed on the night. Our team can work with you to identify any key media that you would like to have in attendance. Our goal is to showcase your brand and push your message.

Media Training

S2i Communications will give you the practical techniques and tools to handle yourself when under pressure in front of the media. We help you to achieve the best possible media outcome for your business. It’s our job to help you get your story across to the readers, viewers and listeners.

image Management

If you or your business’ spokesperson needs to freshen up their “look” to more closely align with your brand, product or service, we can provide friendly advice.Your presentation is vital to the overall impression of a company when conducting media interviews, presenting, or speaking during a crisis.

Brand Management

Our effective analysis, communication, public relations and strategic planning will ensure your brand is positioned in the market with maximum media exposure. Our PR activities and communications work to reinforce your brand values, integrity and messaging to ensure alignment and consistency to consumers.

Strategic Planning

Our team is highly experienced in deciding how to anticipate and respond to the challenge of change within your business. Our effective planning will ensure the long term future of your business.

Government Lobbying

Our team will assist your business with advice on public policy processes and facilitate contact with relevant government representatives. We will act ethically, transparently and according to the highest standards of professional conduct on your behalf.

Media Monitoring

We consistently monitor the output of print, online and broadcast media. We provide copies and analysis of media content to each of our clients on a daily basis. On request, we can also provide media monitoring for your competitors and your industry so you can keep up-to-date with what is going on in the market place.

Social Media Management

Our social media management solutions help our clients more easily monitor what people are saying about their business and help amplify their social media presence across numerous social networking sites. Our dedicated team will help integrate social networking activities into your existing marketing and public relations campaigns.

Photography and video editing

S2i Communications specialises in connecting your business with the most professional photographers and video editors to suit your needs and budget. Promotional, corporate, events, advertising and more… we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.